‘The View’: Sarah Cooper Would Have Stopped Making Trump Videos Even If He’d Won (Video)

“They would have absolutely lost their charm,” she tells “The View”

Comedian Sarah Cooper, who shot to viral fame lip-syncing to President Trump, said she has no plans to retire now that the Republican has lost re-election — and would have quit doing those videos even if he had pulled off a win.

“People are like, ‘Oh, he’s going to be gone and you’ll be out of a job,’ but the thing is if he had won, I think then I’d be out of a job,” she said Wednesday on “The View.” “These videos wouldn’t be funny anymore. I think they would have absolutely lost their charm if he had won.”

Cooper sidestepped whether she will stop doing the videos altogether — her last Trump impression was posted to her TikTok on Oct. 26. She’s also since told Time magazine that she’s gotten tired of the bit and is ready to move on.

Joy Behar agreed that the bit would have lost its luster in a second Trump administration. “Imagine how miserable he was watching people in the street cheer for Joe Biden. He would have killed for that,” she said.

Then Behar asked Cooper what it is that makes her viral TikTok videos stand out above all the other people in the world who do Trump impressions.

“The number one thing I think is that people hate seeing his face. They hate Trump so much that if you try to look like him and really try to sound like him, people have a visceral like — ‘I don’t like that.’ You can’t enjoy it. You can’t laugh,” she said. “People wrote to me all the time and they said I love that you make no attempt to look like him. You don’t do the makeup, the hair, the tie, none of that, and it’s just his voice coming out of your mouth, and so they can laugh. They can actually laugh because I’ve actually shown how ridiculous he sounds. For the first time, people can see how ridiculous he sounds.”

Cooper also credited one fan for coining a phrase that she said explains her videos’ success. “Someone called it reverse mansplaining which was a great term because he’s mansplaining to us, and then I’m mansplaining back to him how stupid he sounds,” she said.

Cooper’s Netflix comedy special, “Everything’s Fine,” premiered on Oct. 27 and happens to feature one of the ladies of “The View” — Whoopi Goldberg.

Watch the clip of her “View” interview above.

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