‘The View’ Calls Tucker Carlson’s Mask Comments ‘So Despicable’

“Tucker Carlson has really become a public health hazard,” Sunny Hostin says

the view

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” the co-hosts blasted Tucker Carlson’s recent anti-masking comments, with Sunny Hostin declaring, “Tucker Carlson has really become a public health hazard. That airing to millions of people yesterday was so despicable.”

Hostin showed the clip from Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where the Fox News host encouraged viewers to ask people to take off their masks outside because it was making them uncomfortable — and then posited that forcing children to wear masks outdoors was akin to “child abuse.”

“I mean, asking people to confront other people as to their own personal choice to not only wear a mask but also to have their children wear masks… let’s also remember that the reason that many people who are vaccinated, like myself, are concerned about returning to events is because so many people don’t want to get vaccinated,” Hostin said. “Because there are people like Tucker Carlson who are peddling this kind of misinformation that is holding us all hostage to others who are public health hazards.”

“He’s equating having children wear a mask with getting beaten up by their parents? It’s just been a week of craziness on the Republican side,” co-host Joy Behar snarked, bringing up some of the week’s past headlines, including Rick Santorum saying Native American culture never existed and Lindsey Graham saying there’s no systemic racism in the United States.

“These are not stupid people,” Behar continued. “Not really. But they seem to be very cynically appealing to a very low denominator out there, whoever these people are, who are so in the cult and so enamored of Trumpism and so hating of liberals that they will believe anything these guys tell them. It’s very un-American.”

Watch the video from today’s “The View” below.


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