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‘The View': Whoopi Goldberg Calls Donald Trump ‘Drunk With Power’

”You should vote for whoever you want, but you should know what you’re aligning yourself with,“ talk show co-host warns of Republican candidate for President

After outbreaks of violence at campaign rallies over the weekend, the hosts of “The View” weighed in on whether Donald Trump was responsible for the tone that has emerged during his Republican presidential run.

“Donald doubles down on it,” said Joy Behar on Monday’s episode. “You know, ‘I’m going to pay your legal fees if you punch somebody in the face.'”

Guest host and lawyer Sunny Hostin was cautious about calling Trump’s rhetoric an incitement to violence, arguing that the law will always err on the side of an individual’s right to free speech, even if that individual stirs up frenzied emotions as Trump is accused of doing.

Paula Faris also defended the candidate and his supporters, saying most people who show up to his rallies aren’t there looking for violence.

“How do you know that? Are there statistics of people saying, ‘I want to punch someone?'” co-host Michelle Collins shot back.

Behar also didn’t let Faris’ observation stand.

“So what’s the point? You incite a few people,” she said. “That’s all you need. A little violence goes a long way.”

Later, the ladies also discussed Marco Rubio hesitating to say he would support Trump if he were nominated, and Whoopi Goldberg cautioned others to take stock of who they’re voting for as well.

“I see someone who is getting drunk with power and that’s why it’s uncomfortable for me,” Goldberg said. “I’m not saying people shouldn’t vote for — you should vote for whoever you want, but you should know what you’re aligning yourself with.”

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