‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Donald Trump for ‘Doing a Very Good Job’ Recruiting for ISIS (Video)

ABC daytime talker’s moderator wants GOP candidate placed on Homeland Security watch list

“The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg believes that Donald Trump is essentially recruiting for ISIS, and that he’s doing a “very good job” for the terrorist group.

Furthermore, she wants Homeland Security to put the GOP candidate on its watch list.

“Donald Trump seems to be recruiting a large group with the views that are against basic American values,” Goldberg said on Wednesday. “He seems to be doing a very good job for ISIS, and I think he should be on the watch list.”

“I don’t understand how he could go through Mexicans, Asians, [the] disabled, women, and African-Americans,” Raven-Symone said of Trump, “and we’re finally chomping down and saying he shouldn’t run for president anymore?”

She continued: “You offended everyone in this country, but as soon as you go outside of the country [people say] ‘OK, we need to stop now.”

The former child star was referring to the backlash Trump is still getting for suggesting America impose a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

For her part, Joy Behar said she has definitive proof that Trump is a bigot, the primary term used to characterize the business man as of late.

She looked up synonyms for the word, and one of them is “maniac,” for which she also believes the billionaire qualifies.

Watch the video above.