‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Praises Obama for ‘Not Leaving a Poop Storm’

The ABC morning talk show co-host and her collaborators offer their own State of the Union address

whoopi goldberg the view

Tuesday night saw President Obama address the nation in his final State of the Union speech, and on Wednesday morning it was Whoopi Goldberg and her “View” cohorts’ turn to assess Obama’s performance as chief executive.

Spoiler alert: By and large, they gave him a big collective thumbs-up.

Goldberg praised Obama’s economic record, opining that he’s left the country in much better shape than he found it.

“I remember what the 401(k) looked like when he came into office,” Goldberg offered. “There is no way around the fact that he did fix it. You may not like how he did it, but he did it, because everybody’s 401(k) is in a better place than it was. And those are facts.”

Goldberg continued, “He’s not leaving a poop storm for the next person coming in that he was left. And he was left a real poop storm.”

Then it was Joy Behar‘s turn to chime in.

“And yet there’s so many people in this country who don’t agree with that, who believe that he hasn’t done a great job. It’s right there in their face in my opinion,” Behar offered.”I don’t understand that disgruntledness, frankly.”

Likewise, on the healthcare front, Goldberg gave Obamacare a rave review.

“I will speak for the small amount of people that I know who had no health care, who had no way to take care of their kids,” Goldberg said. “They’re really happy about it.”

And, she cautioned, opponents of Obamacare would be wise to accept it.

“You’re not going to be able to get rid of it. That’s the thing you have to understand. You’re not going to be able to get rid of it because too many people now need it,” Goldberg said. “It may not be what you need, but it’s what we need as a nation. We don’t always get to have what we want.”

Raven-Symoné, meanwhile, lamented the divisiveness in which the nation has found itself mired.

“In America, we only tend to come together when there’s a problem … but after that, we go right back to fighting each other, and we go right back to accusing one another of crazy things. I’m sorry, what kind of country do we live in?” Raven-Symoné marveled. “I’m trying to have a baby and grow up and let them live in a country that Obama described last night.”

“You’re trying to have a baby? I never heard this,” Behar responded, which earned a rapid pivot from Raven-Symoné.

“Back to politics, ladies!” Raven-Symoné responded.