‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Co-Host Accidentally Called Her Oprah

Sarah Hanes kicks off Black History Month by admitting to mistaking Goldberg for the OWN Network boss during discussion on race

The View February 1 2016

A discussion about race on the first day of Black History Month took an awkward turn on “The View” Monday.

Fill-in co-host Sarah Hanes asked Whoopi Goldberg what’s the politically correct term to use now: black or African-American?

“I can’t keep up with it either,” said Goldberg. “I went from being ‘colored’ to a ‘Negro’ to being black to being African-American, so I just figured I would land on American.

“And you know what, save your tweets,” she continued. “People get up in arms. I know I’m black, I’ve been black since the moment I was born. I’m very clear about it. [People] get very upset; they say, ‘You just don’t want to be black.’ No, that’s not something you can change. I am black. But I, as an American, you don’t call a lot of white folks White-Americans. You don’t call people Italian-Americans. You don’t do that. Anytime you hyphenate American, and put something in front of it, it’s like you’re not a real American. Well I’m a whole lotta All-American. This is my country. Save your tweets and save your hate mail because on this case, I don’t care.”

“So I should just call you black?” Hanes said.

“Just call me Whoopi!” Goldberg, retorted, prompting Hanes to burst into laughter and reply, “And sometimes I don’t even get that right.”

“Last week, she got all excited and she called me Oprah,” Goldberg recalled.

But there seemed to be no hard feelings, and Hanes blamed it on her pregnancy.

“I felt like I was at a dinner party, being like, mom, mom, mom, trying to get her attention,” she recalled. “And for some reason Oprah came out. I did get her attention though!”