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‘The View’s’ Rosie O’Donnell, Co-Hosts May Have Set a Record for Saying ‘Vagina’ in One Segment (Video)

The ladies discuss being naked in front of their kids, then try to locate the vagina on a diagram

Whether or not it’s OK to be naked around your kids was the first “Hot Topic” discussion on Friday morning’s “The View,” where viewers learned that Rosie O’Donnell is totally cool with it, up to a certain age.

“I have five kids and up to the age of five, you can take a bath with Mommy,” O’Donnell explained. “After the age of five, you can’t. And that’s the rule in my family.

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“I have two sons, nineteen and fifteen, and they’ve never seen Mommy in anything but a parka,” she continued.

“I think maybe a little bit older,” co-host Rosie Perez interjected. “I cannot stand when men get in their twenties and they see an older woman, they’re like, ‘Ugh.’ Like they’re shocked.”

“They should embrace an older woman’s body. Because you know, everything doesn’t stay up here,” Perez added.

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Transitioning into a different yet related conversation about a recent study finding that half of all women couldn’t locate the vagina on a diagram, Whoopi Goldberg volunteered to give the audience a guided tour around the female reproductive system.

“If you don’t know where your crotch is, it’s a troubling thing,” according to Perez.

Whoopi successfully pointed out the vagina on a diagram blown up on the set’s floor-to-ceiling monitor and spoke about her own sex education and learning about her “button.”

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“I feel sort of bad that as a lesbian I’m confused,” joked O’Donnell.

Watch the clip above.