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‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Calls Donald Trump a ‘Chauvinist Pig’ (Video)

Panel debates GOP frontrunner’s strategy of using daughter Ivanka as spokesperson

“The View” took on Donald Trump on Thursday’s show, discussing Ivanka Trump’s defense of her dad’s stance on women.

Raven-Symoné, who admitted she is not a Trump fan, came out in support of his hiring practices.

“There was an article that I read where it said that Trump has hired multiple women in his construction company that have very high titles,” she said. “They’re smart women. He likes women with strong voices.”

But co-host Joy Behar retorted that it takes more than that.

“It’s really about policy more than anything else,” she said. “If you’re against Planned Parenthood, if you’re against a woman’s right to choose, if you’re against healthcare for everyone — particularly women … then how can you say you’re pro-women just because you hire people in your company? You can’t. It’s like saying ‘All my friends are Jewish’ but you’re anti-semitic anyway. It doesn’t quite jell.”

Other co-hosts were not quite as hard on Trump, with Paula Farris pointing out that Trump has always had more female executives in his professional inner circle than men, and Michelle Collins looked to Ivanka as surprising proof of his good parenting skills.

“He is smart to get her out there and showing her face,” Collins said. “She is accomplished, she is intelligent and she is a very beautifully raised girl. It’s really shocking he was able to raise someone so wonderful.”

Behar shot down the idea that he would be pro-women because he had women in his life, including a mother, wife and daughter.

“A lot of chauvinist pigs have mothers for women!” she joked.