‘The View’s’ Raven-Symone Drops Bombshell Donald Trump Theory: He’s a ‘Mole’ (Video)

Mogul/candidate “was put there by maybe Republicans or Democrats” to distract Americans from the real issues, co-host suggests

Raven-Symoné has cracked the secret behind Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

The newly minted “View” co-host dropped her bombshell theory on Thursday’s episode of the ABC talk show, opining that the real estate mogul/reality TV star has been planted in the campaign by the real powers-that-be in order to distract voters from the nation’s pressing matters.

Raven-Symoné offered her intriguing thoughts on the candidate during a heated debate about immigration. After her cohort Rosie Perez grumbled that people aren’t talking about the real issues, such as Puerto Rico’s crippling debt, Raven-Symoné dropped her megaton of science on the panel.

“Nobody is talking about the real issues because [Trump] is sucking up the air for everyone. He knows how to manipulate the industry,” Raven-Symoné offered. “And I’m that person who thinks that he was put there by maybe Republicans or Democrats as a mole to just get people’s opinions and stir stuff up, so that we don’t talk about the real issues.”

Well, looks like we know who the real Manchurian candidate is here.

Raven-Symoné continued along her conspiratorial bent during a discussion of Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant and five-time deportee who’s accused of fatally shooting a woman in San Francisco with a gun reportedly belonging to a federal agent.

“During the passionate back-and-forth, Raven-Symoné declared that she found it “interesting that this happened as soon as Trump started to talk about this; he randomly found a gun from a federal agent.”

Guest host Candace Cameron Bure chirped in: “Right now I feel like Trump’s the only one who’s talking about it,” an opinion that was met with sharp rebuttal from her cohorts.

Whoopi Goldberg offered the long view on the topic, declaring, “We talk about [illegal immigration] every four years, and no president does jack-crap about it. this is not new.”

As for Trump in particular, Goldberg declared, “He gives me gas.”

Something for Trump to consider, perhaps, while he’s busy sucking up the air for everyone.

Watch video from Thursday’s episode below.