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‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Takes Aim at Cecil the Lion Uproar: ‘That Was Not a Hunt, That Was a Murder’

”This man went over and he basically shot fish in a barrel,“ talk-show personality declares

Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on “The View” vented their rage over the killing of Cecil the Lion during Thursday’s episode, with Goldberg declaring that the killing of the lion, who was reportedly lured out of a sanctuary park before being slain, was “murder.”

Goldberg drew a distinction between Cecil’s killer, American dentist Walter James Palmer, and hunters who hunt to feed their families.

“This was not a sport; sport is, you’re in there and you use everything you shoot,” Goldberg offered. “This man went over and he basically shot fish in a barrel.”

Goldberg later added, “That was not a hunt; that was a murder.”

Declaring Cecil “majestic,” “View” co-host Nicolle Wallace lamented, “I think hunting this animal is incomprehensible.”

Goldberg also took a shot at those who suggest people care more about Cecil than human lives.

“That’s B.S. People are upset about human lives, there’s a whole discussion that happens all the time,” Goldberg said. “And when guys say, ‘You know, why aren’t you more upset about abortion and things?’ you have no idea what kind of conversation goes on here.”

Goldberg added, “Black lives do matter and we know; and we bitch every day [about it].”

Later, the “View” crew examined a different animal altogether: GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who recently admitted that he might exaggerate at times, just a little.

“That’s entertainment,” Raven-Symoné said. “When are we gonna realize that he is there for entertainment?”

Wallace responded that she might agree with that, except for the fact that Trump is “totally shaping the entire Republican race. People are gonna fall by the wayside, because he’s sucking up all the oxygen.”

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