‘The Voice’ Finalist Chloe Kohanski’s Solo Will Make You Bawl at Work Today (Video)

“Wish I Didn’t Love You” too, Team Blake singer

If “The Voice” truly (and exclusively) rewarded those with unique, powerful voices, Chloe Kohanski would have had this thing wrapped up already.

On Monday’s performance finale from the NBC singing competition, Kohanski spellbound the studio audience (and the millions watching at home) with a chilling rendition of “Wish I Didn’t Love You.”

Readers can watch the video above. We recommend using an ugly Christmas sweater sleeve to wipe those eyes — you know, from the evergreen allergies.

We’ll find out tonight if the Team Blake standout (no offense, Red Marlow) takes this whole thing home. Tuesday’s winner reveal comes down to Kohanski, Marlow, Brooke Simpson (Team Miley) and Addison Agen (Team Adam).

“The Voice” Season 13 ends tonight at 8/7c on NBC.