‘The Voice’ Star Visits ‘Best Friends Whenever’ Season 2 (Exclusive Video)

Bryana Salaz plays time-displaced royalty in multiple episodes on Disney Channel sitcom

Shelby and Cyd’s time-traveling adventures elicits more consequences in Season 2 of Disney Channel’s “Best Friends Whenever.”

In this exclusive clip (above), one of those consequences makes itself known in the form of 16th century Princess Daisy (“The Voice” alum Bryana Salaz), who has unwittingly traveled to 2016 due to a time rift created by the besties, played by Lauren Taylor and Landry Bender.

This causes all sorts of fish-out-of-water comedic opportunities, of course, such as when she does the chivalrous thing and vanquishes the spirit residing inside a smart phone — by stomping it to pieces.

Salaz will play Princess Daisy in multiple episodes in Season 2, as she tries to stay in the present rather than go home, while Shelby and Cyd, along with their friends Barry and Naldo, help the princess navigate today’s world and unlock the mystery of their new friend’s royal past.

Season 2 of “Best Friends Whenever” kicks off with a week of new episodes starting on Monday, June 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Disney Channel.