‘The Voice’ Season 21: And the Winner Is…

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton had two finalists apiece, John Legend had one

the voice winner finale

“The Voice” Season 21 has crowned a champion: Congratulations to Girl Named Tom from Team Kelly.

Learn more about our champion — and the challengers — via their official NBC bios below.

The finalists were: Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia from Team Kelly, Jershika Maple from Team Legend, and Wendy Moten and Paris Winningham from Team Blake. They all performed this evening (including the mentors), as did Carrie Underwood, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Walker Hayes, Keke Palmer and Tori Kelly.

Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly)
Age: 26 (Caleb), 24 (Joshua), 20 (Bekah)
Hometown: Pettisville, Ohio
Resident: South Bend, Indiana
Hailing from a small town, this sibling trio was initially homeschooled, and music became a big part of their curriculum. They enrolled in piano lessons at a young age and joined theater once they started attending public school. Despite their artistic upbringing, they all planned to become doctors, but things changed when their father was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2017. When Bekah finished high school and the boys finished college, their father’s prognosis was still unknown, so they decided to spend more time as a family and formed their trio in 2019. Girl Named Tom is grateful for the chance to bring joy to their family and hopes to make their hometown proud on “The Voice.”

Hailey Mia (Team Kelly)
Age: 13
Hometown: Clifton, New Jersey
Resident: Clifton, New Jersey
Hailey grew up with a love of music and has been singing since she could talk. At 8 years old, she had to have surgery to correct the deteriorating vision in her right eye, but says music was the driving force that got her through it all. After a successful surgery, she regained over 30 percent of her vision and went on to teach herself how to read music and play the piano. She participates in choir and talent shows and is getting ready to attend a technical high school where she’ll get to take courses in vocal performance. As the youngest in the competition, Hailey has been waiting for the day she turned 13 so she can finally sing on “The Voice” stage.

Jershika Maple (Team Legend)
Age: 24
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Resident: Killeen, Texas
Jershika grew up singing in church, but her dad was in the military so her family moved around. Once she was in middle school, they finally settled down and Jershika was able to get into music. She joined every choir she could and was thrilled to have a steady group of friends, but unfortunately her family moved again halfway through her senior year. Jershika remained focused on graduating and went on to pursue her dream of music. To make ends meet, she currently works full time as a security guard and spends her nights and weekends gigging. Jershika has made a name for herself in the local gospel world but is ready to leave her day job behind and work solely on her music.

Paris Winningham (Team Blake)
Age: 32
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Resident: Jacksonville, Florida
Paris was adopted as an infant and has never met his biological parents, but knows his mother was a singer and his father was a guitar player. With music in his genes, Paris started playing the drums in church at 7 years old and later began singing. At 20, he joined the Navy where he served as a machinist mate and worked in the engine room. Through the Navy, he was able to travel and see the world and continued with his music by performing at ceremonies on the ship and at base. Paris was honorably discharged from the Navy but hopes to continue to serve people in a new way through his music on “The Voice.”

Wendy Moten (Team Blake)
Age: 56
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Resident: Nashville, Tennessee
Wendy was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and got her start singing in church where her father was a minister. She went on to perform throughout school and joined a band in college while also doing studio work. For five years, Wendy was a signed recording artist. She opened for Michael Bolton and had a song chart on the Billboard Hot 100. When her recording contract ended, Julio Iglesias made her his duet partner and she spent the next 15 years touring with him and traveling the world. Wendy feels blessed to have lived the life she has, but now, almost 30 years after the release of her first single, she’s ready for the spotlight again on “The Voice.”