‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Nadia Hilker as Magna for Season 9 (Exclusive)

“The 100” actress joins other “Dead” universe newcomers Lauren Ridloff, Eleanor Matsuura and Dan Fogler

Nadia Hilker
Getty Images

“The 100” actress Nadia Hilker has been cast as Magna for “The Walking Dead” Season 9, TheWrap has learned.

Magna is a character introduced in the comics after the post-All Out War time jump, and is described by AMC as “a tough as nails survivor who has been living on the road.” Magna is first introduced in the comics in issue 127.

Magna is a leader for the group that includes the previously announced Connie, played by Broadway actress Lauren Ridloff, and Yumiko, played by “Wonder Woman” actress Eleanor Matsuura.

Hilker played Luna on “The CW” series “The 100,” and played Nita in 2016’s “Allegiant” with Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

At the “Walking Dead” San Diego Comic-Con panel Friday, AMC announced several other characters for the upcoming Season 9, which will premiere on Oct. 7.

Samantha Morton will play Whisperer leader Alpha, Angel Theory will play Connie’s alert and protective sister Kelly, Zach McGowen will play Justin, “a hostile Savior not interested in working together with the other communities,” Rhys Coiro will play Jed, “A rebellious Savior who refuses to fall in line,” Brett Butler will play Tammy Rose, “A salt-of-the-earth resident at Hilltop,” and John Finn will play Earl, “Hilltop’s blacksmith and Tammy Rose’s devoted husband.” “Fantastic Beasts” actor Dan Fogler will play Luke, “A fatigued survivor who understands there is safety in numbers. He values what is beautiful and hopeful and makes us uniquely human.”

The full trailer for Season 9 was also released, which you can watch right over here.

“The Walking Dead” Season 9 premieres on AMC on Oct. 7.