‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Devastated By the Mid-Season Finale’s Big Final Scene

Fans are despairing after a heart-wrenching reveal during “The Walking Dead” mid-season finale means one main character won’t survive the post-apocalypse much longer

the walking dead midseason finale reactions carl bite

(All the spoilers ahead for the mid-season finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”)

“The Walking Dead” left off with a pretty brutal final scene as it went into the mid-season break for Season 8, and plenty of fans are devastated.

The mid-season finale saw the Saviors escape from their base, the Sanctuary, which has been surrounded by walkers for most of the season. With the forces of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) free, the war that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his allies have been winning suddenly went another way. The Kingdom fell to the Saviors and King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) was captured, but its people escaped. And Carl (Chandler Riggs) nearly sacrificed himself to save his people in Alexandria, but the town itself was destroyed by Negan and the Saviors’ attack.

But while those things were tough, the really painful moment was the reveal at in the final seconds of the episode. Carl and the people of Alexandria managed to escape into the sewers beneath the town, but when Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) found him there, Carl revealed that he’d been bitten by a walker.

Carl has become a fan favorite and much of the major arcs of the last few seasons have been about his growth as a character and the pain he’s suffered — including losing his eye. Rick’s son isn’t dead just yet, but Showrunner Steve Gimple confirmed on “The Walking Dead” aftershow “Talking Dead” that Carl won’t be surviving his injury. “It’ll play out as bites on the show play out,” Gimple said.

Needless to say, fans who’ve come to love Carl had a tough time with the news. Some people were in denial.



Others couldn’t believe it, and leaned into memes to deal with their grief.

A few folks couldn’t wrap their heads around the situation, and even had their own suggestions for who should have bought it during the mid-season finale.

But most were just sad for Carl, and likely the fact that it’ll be another two whole months to find out what “unfinished business” he’ll need to deal with in his limited time at the start of the second half of Season 8.


Not everybody has processed their grief yet, though.