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‘Walking Dead’ Fans Wish They Could Unsee That Negan and Alpha Sex Scene

You know, the one that involves a mask made out of human skin

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead”

Several “Walking Dead” fans expressed their disgust over a sex scene between Negan and Alpha that aired on Sunday night’s episode of the long-running zombie drama.

In the scene, the two characters, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Morton, are about to get intimate — but first, they have to discuss one rather grotesque fashion choice on Alpha’s part.

The tryst, which takes place in the woods, is an effort on Alpha’s part to reward Negan for helping to identify a potential spy. She tells him to undress, and when he turns around, she is also in the nude — except for her Whisperer mask, which is made out of human skin.

“You’re a crass man,” Alpha tells Negan. “I reckoned you might appreciate a crass reward.”

Negan asks her if she’s going to leave the mask on, at which point Alpha asks, “Does my true skin disturb you?”

Negan replies, “Not at all. Weirdly, the opposite.”

Yeah. You heard that right.

He also asks if she plans on cutting off his head when they’re done, praying mantis style. She doesn’t answer the question.

Then they start making out — skin-mask intact — and viewers are treated to a wide shot of their very unclean, naked bodies getting down to it in nothing but two pairs of black socks. Watch the scene here.

That confusing moment got quite the reaction from grossed-out fans on Twitter, many of whom used the barf emoji liberally.

“Y’all… I… that Negan Alpha scene has me all kinds of traumatized. All kinds,” said one user.

“Me after watching that Alpha and Negan scene,” wrote another, accompanied by a stock photo of a man putting in eye drops with the Clorox bleach logo photoshopped onto the dropper.

See more reactions below.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.