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‘The Walking Dead': Rick Grimes Returns to Atlanta in Tease of His Last Episode (Video)

We also get a shot of Jon Bernthal’s Season 9 appearance

The end of Andrew Lincoln’s run on “The Walking Dead” is near, and in a tease of his final episode, it looks like Rick Grimes is on a very morbid trip down memory lane.

In a promo for Season 9 Episode 5, billed by AMC as Rick Grimes’ final episode, we see the sheriff return to Atlanta on horseback — and he visits the hospital he woke up in back in the first episode of the series.

“I’m looking for my family,” Grimes said in the teaser video, though it’s unclear if he’s talking about his pre- or post-apocalypse family. “It feels like it’s ending,” he says while we see him standing among a pile of dead — and familiar — faces.

But Michonne (Danai Gurira) cuts in with some more hopeful words: “It’s not over. We don’t die.” Other shots from the teaser include Rick riding his horse while a herd of zombies follows close behind, crossing the bridge that caused so much trouble earlier in the season — and back in his cop car with Shane. He also walks through the hospital with that iconic “Don’t Open Dead Inside” door.

This week’s episode left Rick’s fate on a cliffhanger, as he was left surrounded by zombies with a rebar sticking through his side. See more musings on his possible fate here.

Watch the clip above.