Netflix Sets ‘The Witcher’ Anime Film ‘Nightmare of the Wolf’

Spinoff movie from “Witcher” showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich “explores a powerful new threat facing the Continent”

The Witcher

Netflix is growing “The Witcher” universe with a new anime spinoff film titled “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf,” the streaming service announced Wednesday.

From “Witcher” showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and producer Beau DeMayo, Netflix says “the world of ‘The Witcher’ expands in this anime film that explores a powerful new threat facing the Continent.”

The project hails from Studio Mir, the renowned Korean animation studio best known for “The Legend of Korra” and Netflix’s “Voltron: Legendary Defender.”

“The Witcher,” which launched Dec. 20, follows the stories of monster hunter Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and young princess Ciri (Freya Allan).

The “Nightmare of the Wolf” movie announcement comes one day after Netflix said that “The Witcher” TV series, which has already been renewed for Season 2, was watched by 76 million households in its first month on the streaming service, making it the biggest first season debut in Netflix’s history, per the streaming service’s new “view” counting methods.

Previously, Netflix would count a view after 70% of a show or movie was watched. On Tuesday, Netflix said it now measured a view when a subscriber “chose to watch and did watch for at least 2 minutes — long enough to indicate the choice was intentional.”

Netflix said it “made more sense” to change how it counts views considering the “widely varying lengths” of its shows and movies.

If Netflix was using its old 70% metric, viewers would have had to watch 42 minutes of the show’s first episode to count as a view.