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The Worst Movies of 2014 Give Themselves Terrible Reviews (Video)

Yahoo! Movies pulls out appropriately negative clips from some of the season’s least-liked films including ”RoboCop,“ ”A Million Ways to Die in the West“ and ”The Expendables 3“

Who needs film critics when movies can just review themselves? That was the notion behind Yahoo! Movies compilation of the worst films of 2014. They selected actual lines from the films to sum up their opinion of the picture, opening the video with a quick line/review from “Into the Storm,” revealing: “It sucked.”

The digs just kept on coming, with the line “This is a joke” pulled from “Ouija,” and “RoboCop” simply declaring, “This has to stop.”

Some of the clips were more actor-specific, with Seth MacFarlane representing “A Million Ways to Die in the West” by saying, “I’m the problem.”

For “The Expendables 3,” Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Sylvester Stallone, “You know, I’m getting out of this business … and so should you.”

“The Giver” kept it simple, saying, “I apologize,” while perhaps the most positive line came from “And So It Goes.” It’s self-evaluation stated, “Less than I hoped for, but more than I expected.”

On the opposite side was “Dracula Untold,” which was much harder on itself, saying, “I have to say we are a little disappointed. Frankly, I expected more.”

It’s certainly a novel way to review a film, and a fresh way to dissect the dialogue of any movie or television show you’re watching. Could this line sum up my thoughts on the film?

Watch the video here.