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TheWrap Brings ‘Behind the Show’ Original Programming to Zone·tv

TheGrill 2017: Shows will give viewers an up-close look at the stars and creators of Hollywood’s top movies and programs

TheWrap is partnering with Zone·tv — a new pay-TV platform that delivers digital content on linear television — to launch its upcoming slate of original programming.

The digital media outlet will bring several shows to Zone·tv across North America and Europe, including “Studio Wrap” and “Emmy Quickies.” Each program will give viewers an up-close look at the “business of show,” from the stars to the red carpet to the executives and creators of Hollywood’s top movies and shows.

In a statement announcing the deal, Zone·tv CEO Jeff Weber pointed to TheWrap editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman as a key figure in bringing TheWrap to TV.

“We know that our subscribers and MVPD affiliates expect the very best cutting-edge content from us. Today we are adding TheWrap, one of the most compelling news organizations that covers Hollywood,” Weber said in a statement. “Sharon Waxman has become one of the most authentic voices on one of the fastest-growing industry-focused outlets. Our audience will be thrilled to watch TheWrap on TV.”

Waxman echoed Weber’s sentiment, saying  Zone·tv is the “perfect” partner to bring TheWrap to linear audiences.

“Zone·tv is one of the most exciting new programmers to come along. It is incredibly cutting-edge, bringing a new level of digital transformation to linear TV,” said Sharon Waxman, founder and editor of TheWrap. “It is the perfect platform to introduce TheWrap to traditional TV audiences.”

Aiming to bridge the gap between online and traditional content, Zone·tv is available across several providers, including AT&T U-verse, Comcast, DirecTV, CenturyLink, Telus, Bell Canada, and Frontier Communications.