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TheGrill 2016: How ‘Pokemon Go’ Inspired Weight Loss, Love Connections (Video)

Niantic CTO Phil Keslin says phenomenon was created to ”get people back out into the real world“

Ripped bodies and rampant love connections were two very unexpected side effects of the “Pokemon Go” craze, one of its principal architects said Monday.

Speaking at TheGrill 2016, Niantic CTO Phil Keslin said the augmented-reality smash was created to “get people back out into the real world,” which it certainly has.

The executive said that combined users have logged physical miles that cover nearly half of the distance between Earth and Pluto, which is 4.6 billion kilometers. But for some, simply getting off the couch was life changing.

“We have some amazing weight loss stories — individuals who were diabetic, got out of their house and the community that helped them,” Keslin said about the impressive benefits of “Pokemon Go.”

TheWrap’s executive editor Tim Molloy moderated a panel that included Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe and pro gamer and influencer Swoozie.

Swoozie, a de facto YouTube star thanks to his day job, also said the app has become the perfect ice breaker when trying to approach women out in the world.

“There’s so many gorgeous girls playing that game,” Swoozie said, thanking Keslin for releasing “Pokemon Go,” which just issued its first update.

TheGrill 2016 features a stunning lineup of thought leaders and disrupters, including famed music manager and Azoff MSG Entertainment CEO Irving Azoff, Showtime CEO David Nevins, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton, and FX Networks CEO John Landgraf.

The conference opened with a conversation between TheWrap Editor in Chief Sharon Waxman and Jason Hirschhorn, CEO of REDEF, two leading journalistic voices in media and entertainment.