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There’s Something Suspicious About Jordan’s Comeback

And I use the word “comeback” loosely, because it implies that she has actually been playing the game.

With only two episodes remaining, “Big Brother” has become as addictive as Carmex.
Jordan’s comeback last night had the studio audience (and me) literally cheering. OK, to be fair, I use the word “comeback” loosely, because it implies that she has actually been playing the game. But, still!

To quote a friend’s Facebook status, “GO JORDAN!”

You may argue that she does not deserve to be in the Final 3 because she rode in on Jeff’s coattails. (Who is, by the way, a shoe-in for the $25,000 prize as “America’s Favorite Player.”) But I’d say that both Natalie and Kevin are guilty of the same thing. (Does the name “Jessie” ring a bell?)

Plus, they’re mean.  Well, at least Natalie is mean.  I could totally see Kevin and I sipping cocktails together at the Abbey whilst being innocuously catty. (Call me, Kev!)

The thing is, not one person has given serious thought to evicting Jordan because they’ve felt that she poses no threat. She’s just been there, parading topless on “Big Brother After Dark” and pondering deep questions … like how to tell time.

Maybe that’s her strategy, though. What if we found out that she was actually an Ivy League graduate or someone equally as impressive and intelligent? Like a writer on “Gossip Girl?”

It’s funny — as in “suspicious” — how her smarts reared their head at the most pivotal point in the game: the second heat of the final Head of Household competition. In fact, Kevin and Natalie so completely discounted her as a player that they threw the first competition and Kevin even spoke of taking her to the Final 2, fearing that Natalie has too many friends in the Jury House.

What Kevin and Natalie don’t know, though, is that everyone in the Jury House is pretty livid about Natalie’s “strategic” lie that she was only 18. I still don’t see how that helped her game. But what do I know? She did, after all, make it THIS far.  And I can’t wait to see the look on Jessie’s face when Natalie tells them that she’s now en-freakin’-gaged!   

There’s a reason the studio audience was cheering for Jordan.  She’s likable.  It was no mistake that she was placed in the Popular clique at the beginning of the season.  Popular people are, well, people that other people like. And I’m guessing that she just may take this whole thing because no one in the Jury House truly dislikes her, not even Russell, who called her fat.  

I mean, as we discussed yesterday, fat is the new thin.