These Famous People Want You to Register to Vote – Right Now

Here’s how you can register

Register to Vote Hollywood Spreads Simple Message on Election Day: Go Vote!
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The midterm elections are just six weeks away, and Hollywood stars are trying to encourage Americans to get out the vote on National Voter Registration Day.

Among the celebs calling people to rock the vote are Gabrielle Union, Common, and the rock band Pearl Jam, the latter of which posted a video of frontman Eddie Vedder speaking to a crowd at a show in Montana about the importance of voting.

“There is one crowd size that we would be proud of, and we would brag about,” said Vedder. “And that is if Montana had the largest youth vote, the largest crowd that came together in this upcoming election, THAT I would brag about all f—ing day.”

You can check to see if you are registered to vote — and get registered if you’re not — at