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TheWrap Goes One-on-One With MPTF’s Ken Scherer

”We have done everything. We’ve done our research, and we feel they do not have a legal case.“

In the wake of Tuesday’s letter telling the remaining 78 families at the long-term facility of the motion picture home that they would have to leave, TheWrap spoke exclusively to Ken Scherer, CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. Read the full news story here.


Are you prepared for the blowback that this letter — and the official decision to move forward with the closure — will cause?
I don’t think anyone’s prepared, but one thing we’re going to have to look at is the families who do not want to move. They may want to take a legal action.


What case do they have? Facilities have a right to close, right?
I’m not a lawyer. We have done everything. We’ve done our research, and we feel they do not have a legal case.


Did today’s action take everyone by surprise?
There have been daily and weekly conversations with each of the families and social workers involved.


Why was today’s letter necessary when it just reiterates what had always been planned?
We felt the need for a letter, because there have been months of silence.


I notice there’s no date in the letter, but it’s a firm statement.
This is not a letter forcing the issue. We have been saying it’s closing. This letter is to say ‘Please work with us.’ In a rational, calm way.


But what is the timeline?
By Thanksgiving.


Has the moving started?
We’ve transfered 23-25 residents already.


What’s the next step?
We are talking to everyone, and we hope it will be a smooth transition.


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