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TheWrap Launches Culture Coverage – Yup, We’re Growing

TheWrap today launches its Culture vertical, because we just can’t ignore that all of culture – high and low – is connected

Culture fanatics, we have heard you.

TheWrap today launches its Culture vertical because we just can’t ignore that all of culture — high and low — is connected.

Increasingly Hollywood, the driving economy behind popular culture, intersects with the world of theater, music and art.

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Movie adaptations now regularly head to Broadway and stages across the country as a matter of course. And Hollywood producers such as Scott Rudin, Marc Platt, Harvey Weinstein and Paula Wagner are the force behind more theatrical productions, their names becoming as commonplace on the Great White Way as traditional theater veterans.

Film and television actors and actresses are increasingly involved in theater, music, architecture, books and art ventures. Today, for example, we take a look at this year's crop of Hollywood stars making their way to Broadway and off-Broadway stages. (You can read the story by clicking here.)

The section will start small and grow, focusing at first on those areas where high culture intersects with Hollywood.

Look for bylines like Lisa Fung, our executive editor who launched Culture Monster at the Los Angeles Times, and whose great passion is theater and the arts. Chris Willman, Kasia Anderson and other familiar bylines also will contribute to the coverage.

There’s other reasons for the expansion: TheWrap is growing. With the home site now averaging more than 2 million unique viewers per month, we know our audience expects us to engage with their broader interests.

That expansion includes events, to wit the ShortList, our first online film festival, which has been an incredible and unexpected success. We already have close to 10,000 votes on 12 of the "best of the best" short films in the festival, and tens of thousands more voting.

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We look forward to your feedback and to growing TheWrap into your most essential, informative source for news.