Nancy Pelosi Blasts Donald Trump: ‘What Is This Creature?’ (Exclusive Video)

“We can move on from that because he’ll be gone in two weeks,” House Minority Leader says of GOP nominee at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast

Last Updated: October 25, 2016 @ 11:37 AM

Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who serves as Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, didn’t hold back when dismissing Donald Trump at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast Friday.

“Who can explain the Republican nominee?” Pelosi asked rhetorically in a conversation with TheWrap’s founder and CEO Sharon Waxman. “Let’s not waste our time. We can move on from that because he’ll be gone in two weeks.”

Pelosi also said she believes Trump’s campaign is really more about launching a new post-election business endeavor, Trump TV, for which he appeared to do a test run during the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night.

“It’ll be our choice to tune into his TV station, that I think this is all about, the network he wants to establish,” Pelosi said of Trump’s candidacy. “But that’s not worth talking about.”

She couldn’t help bring him up again when discussing how his candidacy (or “the gift that keeps on giving”) might help the Democrats take back the Senate and House, bringing up Republican Steven Schmidt’s recent assertion that the Democrats, who need 30 seats to turn the House to a Democratic majority, will win back 25 seats, and 10 more are trending towards the left.

“And that was before the last debate, before last night when [Trump] said Hillary was crooked, at a dinner with Catholic charities,” she said. “And he tried to say that she hates Catholics. What is this creature? But no, you know what, forget about him.”

What Pelosi did want to focus on was what she believes is the inevitable election of Hillary Clinton as president on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“In three weeks we will be electing, in a very strong way, the first woman president of the United States. No question about it,” Pelosi said.

“She will be leader of the free world as president of the United States,” she added. “When Hillary Clinton goes into the Oval Office, she will be one of the best prepared people in history.”

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