TheWrap’s Short Film Showcase: Recovering Veterans, Looney Tunes and More | Video

Directors of six Oscar contending short films discuss their work

The directors of an eclectic array of six short films gathered earlier this month at The Landmark in Los Angeles for TheWrap and Shorts.TV‘s Short Film Showcase, where the filmmakers discussed their inspirations and the challenges behind their work.

Joining TheWrap’s awards editor Steve Pond for a Q&A panel were filmmakers Chris McCaleb (“15 Minutes at 400 Degrees”), Bonnie-Kathleen Ryan (“Real.Live.Girl.”), Jeremy Merrifield (“Balloon”), Asher Jelinsky (“Miller & Son”), Pete Browngardt (“Curse of the Monkeybird: A Looney Tunes Cartoon”), and Mohammad Gorjestani (“Exit 12”).

The panel followed a screening of the shorts introduced by Linda Olszewski, vice president of global acquisitions for Shorts.TV, which sponsored the showcase with TheWrap.

Watch the full video above.

Jeremy Fuster

Jeremy Fuster

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