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‘This Is Us’ Creator Says He’s Already Shot ‘Pieces’ of the Show’s Very Last Scene

And we’re willing to bet you all the Crock-Pots — er, slow-cookers — in the world it’s a real tearjerker

“This Is Us” hasn’t even aired its third season yet and already it has filmed ending. Well “pieces” of an ending, that is.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dan Fogelman, the NBC family drama’s creator, revealed at a For Your Emmy Consideration panel held at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on Tuesday that he and his fellow writers have already mapped out the Pearson family’s path, including the very last scene of “This Is Us,” which they’ve started to shoot.

“We’re pretty far along,” Fogelman said. “Our writers and I are kind of to the end. We have a path for each season of the show. We’ve always had a plan… I don’t think this show will ever — despite any success it may or may not have — will ever overstay its welcome, and we have a story to tell. And we want to do this the right way. And so we have a plan.”

“I’ve actually already shot pieces of the final scene in the series,” he added.

And we’re willing to bet all the Crock-Pots — er, slow-cookers — in the world that very last scene is going to make you cry your eyes out. So, until that time comes, let’s just be grateful we’ll have to wait a while (we hope) to get to the end of “This Is Us,” and focus on the upcoming Season 3. Which is also sure to have you bawling.

“This Is Us” will return for Season 3 this fall on NBC.