How NFL Football Brought ‘This Is Us’ Back to NBC Tuesdays

TCA 2017: “Maybe that interruption is not the best thing for the show,” Bob Greenblatt said of drama’s originally planned eight-week break

This Is Us

“This Is Us” almost moved to Thursdays for its upcoming Season 2, but that announced initial decision lasted about a week before executives publicly returned the hit to its Tuesday time slot.

So, what happened, Bob Greenblatt? Well, NFL football happened, the NBC Entertainment chairman explained Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour.

“We all got excited for it. Dan [Fogelman] was on board. We all were up for it,” Greenblatt said of the originally planned move. Then network brass realized their share of “Thursday Night Football” would create a lengthy eight-week break after just six episodes of the key drama.

“Then we started to think: ‘Is that the best way to run the show for the rabid fans?’” Greenblatt recalled from the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom stage.

After sitting again with showrunner Fogelman and discussing his actual storylines setup for the sophomore run, everyone had a change of heart.

“We all collectively agreed: ‘Maybe that interruption is not the best thing for the show,’” Greenblatt said. “And let’s just move back to Tuesday.”