‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz On Living Life at an ‘Unconventional Size’ | Video

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“It’s the stinking thinking of obsessing about something,” Metz says

“This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz wants to live a healthy life, but she doesn’t think that means she necessarily has to lose weight to do so. “Goodness, there’s so many different levels of response,” the plus-size actress told TheWrap founder and editor in chief Sharon Waxman during WrapWomen’s Power Women Summit, when asked if she felt pressure to lose weight from those within the industry who value thin talent. “I think, as we evolve as human beings or in our particular life, we realize, ‘Oh, you know, this isn’t serving me anymore,’” she said. “Or, if we, God forbid, come across medical issues or problems that, ‘Oh, maybe I just wanna be a little more active.’ And some people knock the girls that lose weight and say like, ‘Why did you guys do that? You’re selling out.’ And that’s not necessarily true.” Then she referenced the character she plays on the her NBC family drama: “Much like Kate, it’s like, ‘Oh, no, she’s finally contending with the things that she was eating over.’” Metz plays Kate Pearson on “This Is Us,” which is currently in its fourth season and has already been renewed for two more. The only daughter of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore), Kate has struggled with weight her whole life and is continuing that fight this season as she also faces the challenges of being a new mother to a blind baby. The actress said that she has faced her own challenges about her appearance. “I think it’s more about the behavior around what you’re doing,” Metz said. “And it could be social media, gambling, sex, drinking, food — it could be anything, fill in the blank — how is my behavior around that and how do I want to change that behavior? Because it’s the stinking thinking of obsessing about something. So for me, I’m like, am I eating for my health, or is there something really going on? And whether I lose weight or I don’t, I don’t really hold on to a number. I don’t think that’s important, ’cause who’s to say what?” Watch the full video above.