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‘This Is Us’ Star Janet Montgomery Promises More Twists and Turns to Come (Exclusive Video)

Every character ”on the show is complex and has their own mini-story,“ NBC actress tells TheWrap

The signature twists and turns that shock audiences every week on “This Is Us” will continue to play out, series star Janet Montgomery says.

“There’s more, there’s more,” the actress promised during an interview with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell.

From the pilot episode, when the dual-timeline nature of the show was revealed in the last scene, nearly every week has held some kind of new surprise for the show’s massive audience. But it’s all very organic, according to the actress who plays serious Broadway actress, Olivia.

“It’s shocking … but it also doesn’t feel like it’s there just to be shocking,” Montgomery said. “It’s things that you’re like, yeah, my character would do this. I didn’t expect her necessarily to, but — a lot of people on the show feel this way — it’s human nature. Dan [Fogelman] is so great at writing complex characters and not just the two leads or anything like that, every character he writes on the show is complex and has their own mini-story.”

Olivia has been a source of frustration and growth for Kevin (Justin Hartley), who was hired in a dramatic Broadway play because of his TV fame. Last we saw them, she had slept with him for the sole purpose of making him a better actor — but the tables may be turned as time goes on.

“Kevin learns more about his own strength,” she teased. “Maybe he is a real person, and she isn’t, and maybe he can teach her something, which is quite frightening for her, because she likes to be in control. She thinks she’s in control, but perhaps not, as the season goes on.”

“This Is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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