Thomas Schlamme Reelected as Directors Guild President

Ron Howard and Jon Favreau were also among those elected to guild’s leadership

Last Updated: June 23, 2019 @ 10:56 AM

The Directors Guild of America has reelected Thomas Schlamme as its president at the organization’s National Biennial Convention in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, as well as elected a new slate of officers and members of the board of directors.

“It is my honor to once again accept the position of President of the Directors Guild of America,” Schlamme said. “It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly. We’re in a time of immense change, and the next few years will be critical for the DGA and for our industry. I am focused and ready to lead us through our next negotiations, and to ensure that the creative and economic rights of directors and their teams are protected for years to come. And I am fortunate that serving alongside me is a dedicated, experienced team of fellow officers elected to represent our members.”

Schlamme, a nine-time Emmy winner best known for his collaboration with Aaron Sorkin on shows like “The West Wing” and “Sports Night,” was first elected as president in June 2017 after serving for 12 years on the DGA board. He was the DGA’s BA/FLTTA Negotiations Committee co-chair in 2017 and 2014, and was also a member of the Negotiations Committee in 2008. He has been a member of the Western Directors Council since 2003, a member of the Creative Rights Committee since 2001, and is also a founding member of the DGA Political Action Committee’s Leadership Council.

“It is my privilege and pleasure to nominate such a highly qualified candidate for President,” director and DGA Negotiating Committee co-chair Jon Avnet said. “Time and time again, he’s put in the hard work of serving the DGA while maintaining his demanding day job as a director. He is a leader who not only honors our past, but fights for our membership now and into the future.”

In addition, the DGA elected “The Americans” producer Mary Rae Thewlis as national vice president and “Hill Street Blues” star Betty Thomas as secretary-treasurer. Thomas is replacing longtime board member and former president Michael Apted, who chose not to seek reelection.

Among the other top board members elected were Ron Howard and Jon Favreau, who were elected as second and third vice president respectively. Also elected were first vice-president Lesli Linka Glatter; fourth vice president Laura Belsey; fifth vice president Bethany Rooney; sixth vice president Lily Olszewski; and assistant secretary-treasurer Scott Berger.