The Tiger Woods Apology Scorecard

Scoring scorned golfer’s press statement, hole by tricky hole

Last Updated: February 19, 2010 @ 3:08 PM

The media paused to watch Tiger Woods read his apologetic statement on Friday, and then promptly began its dissection — microscopic, frighteningly thorough, and ultimately unnecessary. (Did you know ESPN had a “body language expert” on call? Neither did I.)

That’s not to say it wasn’t darkly fun, though.

Here’s a handy scorecard to Woods’ apology (each hole labeled with what he needed to do, scored accordingly), adapted from the Masters’ course at Augusta National — one many feel Tiger will still play this year.

So by my count, Tiger’s in the clubhouse with a one-over-par 73 (+1).

Not a championship score, but luckily for him, his public rehabilitation has many more rounds to go.

Remember to sign that scorecard, Tiger, or the round doesn’t count!

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