TikTok ‘Working Quickly’ to Fix App Issues

Users report problems loading videos and follower counts

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TikTok went down for many users Tuesday. The social media company said it was doing its best to get the app back online.

The TikTok Support Twitter acknowledged the issue Tuesday afternoon and said, “the TikTok app is currently experiencing some issues, which our team is working quickly to address. Thank you for your patience!”

A representative for TikTok did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

As of around 6 p.m., TikTok posted an update to its Twitter page and said the issues were resolved:

Users of the popular video-sharing social network reported issues loading videos and liked posts, as well as profile information like followers and follower counts, were not showing up in the app. TheVerge reported that the issues appeared to extend to both the mobile app and web version of TikTok.

Error messages that said “Network Error” or “Server Issue” were commonly reported by frustrated users trying to view content. Access to liked videos and notification history were also displaying error messages.

Somewhat ironically, peeved TikTok users took to another social media site to air their grievances. #TikTokDown
became a popular hashtag as people began discussing their respective difficulties in loading the app.

“How tf am I supposed to waste my afternoon if I can’t scroll through tiktok?” one user jokingly asked.

DownDetector, a site that aggregates reports of outages on websites and apps, noted over 40,000 reports of TikTok being down. DownDetector’s chart indicates that the issues first started being reported around noon today, and peaked at over 42,000 reports around 1 p.m. PT.

As with any technical outage or glitch on a social media platform, the memes were in abundance. Check out some consumer reactions to the issue below.



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