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Tila Tequila’s ‘Sieg Heil’-Saluting ‘Friends’ Are Jewish – and Real Neo-Nazis Are Pissed (Video)

Before a Nazi salute pic went viral, the guys say, ”We’re Jews and we’re going to see what it’s like“

A Nazi salute staged by Tila Tequila and some friends earlier this week is making headlines again after it was revealed that the former reality TV star’s associates are evidently Jewish.

Well, Jewish or liars. Either way, they were captured on video outside the Washington, D.C.-area restaurant where the “sieg heil” photo was snapped, saying, “We’re Jews and we’re going to see what it’s like.”

The two men, smoking cigarettes, continue: “I’m not kidding. We’re Jews.”

Since Nazis don’t particularly enjoy Jewish people, some racist bloggers are pissed at National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer, who organized the event.

“I’m not even against throwing up Roman salutes at these conferences, and in fact find it hilarious. What I am against is having a Jew Ratface (and an Asian pornstar) as the face of the face of neo-Nazism,” Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin wrote.

He continued: “If Spencer is now going to be a representative of the neo-Nazi agenda, he needs to tighten-up his ship. The last thing we need is the world believing that neo-Nazis are just a bunch of k—s and g—s…. Spencer needs to issue a blanket ban on the Hebrew people.”

The restaurant, Magliano’s Little Italy, apologized on Facebook and said it had no idea its guests were part of the white-supremacist NPI, which held a weekend gathering in Washington where attendees spouted Nazi propaganda.

Tequila was the subject of MTV reality series “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” nine years ago.

Check out the video above.