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Tim Allen Says He Is ‘Stunned and Blindsided’ by ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation

ABC gave the ax to the sitcom after six seasons last week

Tim Allen is not taking the cancellation of “Last Man Standing” sitting down.

Days after the cancellation of his ABC sitcom after six season, Allen took to Twitter on Tuesday to declare that he was “stunned and blindsided” by the decision.

“Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years,” Allen tweeted, adding the hashtag “#lastmanstanding.”

ABC announced the cancellation of “Last Man Standing” after six seasons last week. Since the cancellation, theories have been floated that the political leanings of Hollywood conservative Allen might have had something to do with the cancellation,

The cancellation followed controversial remarks made by Allen about free speech and Nazism. In March, Allen — who is a Republican — said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that “you gotta be real careful around here” because “you’ll get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes.”

“It’s like ’30s Germany,” he added.

The chain of events caused some to wonder if his statements and the cancellation might be connected.

“No doubt Tim Allen’s political views factored into decision. I hear there’s an 8pm slot available on Fox Tim!” one observer wrote on Twitter.

Since the cancellation, a Change.org petition has emerged urging viewers to boycott ABC in an effort to save the series, which aired Friday nights.

“‘Last Man Standing’ is one of the only shows on broadcast television, and the only sitcom, that is not constantly shoving liberal ideals down the throats of the viewers. And sadly, that is likely the real reason the show has been cancelled,” the petition reads.