Time Warner Cable iPad App to Offer On-Demand TV Streaming

Company demos prototype in YouTube video

Time Warner and its chief, Jeff Bewkes, are openly bullish on the iPad — and its implications for the “TV Everywhere” concept Bewkes has championed.

Now, Time Warner Cable – no longer under the Time Warner umbrella – is getting into the iPad screen game, developing an app that will offer, among other things, on-demand programming and remote control of your home television.

In a YouTube video posted on CNET, Time Warner executives demoed the prototype.

“There are really two problems we are trying to solve,” Jason Gaedtke, group VP of Web services says in the video. “One is publishing, streaming and consuming content here [on the iPad]. The other is remote control of the video experience, the 10-foot experience in the living room.”

The app includes the typical TV listings you get through your cable box, turning the iPad into a “much more convenient and versatile” (and expensive!) remote.

Comcast demoed a similar, remote-like iPad app during the National Cable Show in May.

The long-term idea, according to Gaedtke, is to allow customers to, say, start watching a show on television, pause it, and finish watching on the iPad, or vice versa – the multi-screen digital concept that has TV executives salivating at the moment.

Watch the Time Warner demo here: