Tina Brown to Howard Kurtz: ‘Didn’t I Fire You for Serial Inaccuracy?’

Kurtz takes Twitter-swipe at his former boss; Brown takes one right back

Howard Kurtz and Tina Brown took  to Twitter to share their innermost hostilities toward one another on Monday, with the Daily Beast editor responding to Kurtz's criticism with the remark: "Didn't I fire you for serial inaccuracy?"

Kurtz, the Beast's former Washington bureau chief, started it on Monday, tweeting a link to a New York Times article about Brown's failed attempt to turn Newsweek around. "Tina tried hard to save Newsweek, which was probably impossible, but this captures the chaos, waste and dysfunction," he wrote.

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An hour later, Brown fired back: "am I forgetting something or didn't I fire you for serial inaccuracy?"

Kurtz departed the Daily Beast in the wake of a post in which he criticized basketball player Jason Collins, but it became clear that Kurtz had not carefully read the material he was criticizing.

The Daily Beast had to retract the post by Kurtz about Collins, an NBA player who came out as gay in a Sports Illustrated op-ed. In his post, Kurtz originally wrote that Collins "didn't come clean" about the fact that he had been engaged — he later amended the post to say that Collins "downplayed" the engagement. The Sports Illustrated article had, in fact, noted the engagement.

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Following widespread media critcism over the Beast error, Kurtz then left his longtime show on CNN, "Reliable Sources" to join Fox News.

It is unclear what other inaccuracies Brown was referring to in her tweet.