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Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Just Played the Weirdest Late-Night Game You’ve Ever Seen (Video)

It’s (practically) indescribable, which makes this a very meta sub-headline

TheWrap doesn’t know Jimmy Fallon’s budget for “Tonight Show” game “What’s Behind Me?” and we probably don’t want to know. As weird as late-night’s strangest game may be, if you reunite “SNL: Weekend Update” alums Fallon and Tina Fey, we’ll watch it.

OK, so how do we describe this thing? “What’s Behind Me?” is a charades-like party game in which a team of two players tries to convey and figure out the incredibly bizarre and surprisingly large-scale live-action scene unfolding over the guesser’s shoulders. The duo has 45 seconds to collaborate on the Mad Libs-like moving portrait.

The first round, for example, depicted “King Kong holding a hot dog wearing a top hat.” Those random underlined words were the ones Fey couldn’t speak and Fallon had to surmise.

The second round was even sillier — we’re not sure what the “Tonight Show” wardrobe and props departments could possibly do with some of these sight gags beyond last night’s episode. Here’s hoping 30 Rock has a huge basement.

“You can’t unsee that,” the NBC personality said of Scene 2, which we’ll leave for our readers to experience on their own.

“And it’s surprisingly sexy,” Fey added.

Somehow, the old friends guessed all four scenes correctly. Now that’s chemistry.

Watch the video above.

Tomorrow, Fey hosts the  “Saturday Night Live” season finale.