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Tina Fey Plays Office Robbery Surveillance Tape on ‘Late Show’ Against Legal Advice (Video)

The actress jokes that no one in New York City will see the crime footage anyway, because Letterman's CBS is still blacked out by Time Warner Cable

Tina Fey recently opened a new production office in New York City, where she was promptly burglarized.

Fortunately for everyone — minus her and CBS' respective attorneys — Fey played the real surveillance footage on Wednesday's "Late Show."

The "30 Rock" creator and actress downsized from a staff of 200 from her NBC hit, to an office of just three people as she works on concept for her next comedy.

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When her small staff was asked to go downstairs to sign for a delivery, one of her moving men allegedly went upstairs and stole Fey's laptop, barely concealing it in a manilla envelope. And it's all caught on a surprisingly clear surveillance camera.

Fey went to the police, but she felt pretty silly doing that.

"It's hard, because New York's a big city and you're like, 'Some guy stole my jokes!'" she told Letterman.

Watch the video: