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DC Drops Sneak Peek Clip of ‘Titans’ (Video)

In honor of Batman Day, DC Daily shows first look at Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in upcoming DC Universe show

Dick Grayson may not have kind feelings towards Batman in the new show “Titans,” but DC is honoring Batman Day by giving fans a first look at Grayson and fellow Batman sidekick, Jason Todd, with a sneak peek at the new show on the comic book company’s streaming service, DC Universe.

The new series stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick as he tries to move out of his former Gotham City mentor’s shadow by assembling a new team of young superheroes. Curran Walters plays Jason Todd, who at the start of the series has taken over the role of Robin with reckless energy.

But, as hardcore Batman fans know, Jason’s story in the comics is one of tragedy as he is killed by the Joker, only to be resurrected as the antihero Red Hood, willing to go to murderous lengths that Batman won’t go.

Check out the clip, courtesy of DC Universe’s news show “DC Daily,” above. “Titans” will arrive on DC Universe Oct. 12.