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TLC Gets in Bed With ‘Plastic Wives’ for Latest Reality Venture (Video)

"Plastic Wives" revolves around spouses of cosmetic surgeons, and the extreme procedures they undergo

Update, Thursday 10 a.m.: The premiere date for "Plastic Wives" has been moved to Jan. 27 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. Central.

TLC is giving its programming a facelift — and perhaps a G-Spot injection — with its latest reality project.  

The network — home of the recent controversial unscripted offering "Best Funeral Ever" — told TheWrap on Wednesday that it will air a one-hour special, "Plastic Wives," about the spouses of plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, on January 27 at 10 p.m./9  p.m. Central.

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The special, which is airing as a backdoor pilot, will center around a quartet of women who've wed plastic surgeons, and aren't shy about using their husbands' services in the pursuit of eternal youth. (Or at least the appearance of eternal youth.)

"These women are so obsessed with looks that they’ll stop at nothing to attain perfection from head to toe — and everywhere in between," the network said of the special. "From labiaplasty to chin liposuction to G-Spot injections, these extreme treatments have become routine for those living inside this industry."

The "Plastic Wives"' in question are Alana Sands, former "Extra" co-host Dayna Devon, Frances Marques and Veronica Matlock — whose husband she lovingly refers to as "the vagina man."

"To certain women, aging gracefully isn’t an option," TLC said.

No kidding.

"Plastic Brides" is produced by Lighthearted Entertainment, whose previous projects include "Sex Wars," "Love Shack" and "USA vs. the World."

Catch a sneak peek of "Plastic Wives" in the video below.