TLC’s Body-Cam Dating Show: See Woman Ask Stranger to Reverse a Vasectomy (Exclusive Video)

Would you get unsnipped for love at no sight?

Is it rude to ask someone you’ve never laid eyes on to get a reverse-vasectomy? Well, if it is, TLC’s new literal blind dating show doesn’t want to be polite.

On three-part series “Hear Me, Love Me, See Me,” three potential male suitors will don body cameras and go on dates with an eligible bachelorette participating from the comfort of her couch. Oh, she’ll be sitting next to “Step By Step” star Christine Lakin, who hosts the show.

Over the course of just one day, a young woman will “meet” three single men through their live-streamed point of view and as much two-way conversation as the two can handle. She’ll get to see everything they can, and talk directly to them — but neither will see what the other person looks like.

In a clip exclusive to TheWrap, Jade, a juvenile court teacher who very much wants a family is talking to her “frunt-runner” Glenn about possibly unsnipping himself so they can have children together. Not a totally unreasonable request, we guess. Well, if you aren’t asking a stranger to do it via a body cam strapped to their chest, that is.

The 37-year-old, who says her long-term relationships have led her to waste her “prime years” — or “clock blocked” her — asks Glenn via live stream if he is open to having more kids, as the way he puts his family first “melts” her heart. (Ya, she’s seen him interact with his relatives — without ever seeing him).

Things get uncomfortable when he tells her he “kinda already saw the doctor and took care of that.” When she asks if he’d get it reversed for her — oh, it’s awkward. It’s awkward. It’s definitely awkward.

Watch the exclusive clip above.

“Hear Me, Love Me, See Me,” airs Saturdays at 10/9c on TLC.