TLC Makes Peace with Jon Gosselin

But just because they’re no longer at war doesn’t mean the “Jon and Kate” patriarch will be back on the air

Last Updated: February 17, 2010 @ 6:06 PM

A truce has been declared in the war between TLC and Jon Gosselin.

Both parties have settled their lawsuits against each other, clearing the way for the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" patriarch to once again appear on the cable network — assuming, of course, that TLC even wants him back.

"TLC has reached a settlement with Jon Gosselin and will be undertaking procedural steps to conclude the litigation," a network spokeswoman told TheWrap. "All terms of the settlement are confidential."

The network also noted that the "whole Gosselin family remain under contract with TLC."
That last sentence could simply be TLC’s way of reminding Jonny G that he better not try to go around shopping himself for public appearances or doing unauthorized interviews — the sort of thing which caused the network to sue him for breach of contract in the first place last fall. (Gosselin later countersued).

But it might also be a sign that Jon Gosselin might — key word here: might — yet return to TLC in some form or another.

Jon Gosselin’s attorney, Mark Jay Heller, hinted something could be in the works, telling the AP that he hopes "this new adventure for TLC and the Gosselins is a much more joyful journey."

TLC has been developing new projects for Kate Gosselin in recent months but has not yet announced firm plans for what it will do next with her. None of the rumored series have involved Jon Gosselin.

Given the poor public image of Jon Gosselin right now, TLC might simply decide to move on with its life — keeping the Gosselin patriarch under contract, but off the air.