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TLC’s ‘Breaking the Faith': Daring to Flee the FLDS (Exclusive Video)

Watch the extended trailer for the series following men and women who try to escape from under Warren Jeffs’ thumb

It’s hard to reconcile the land of the free with the people you’ll meet on TLC’s new six-part series, “Breaking the Faith,” which premieres Sunday, Nov. 24 at 10/9c.

With the series, TLC continues on its hunt for extraordinary stories from America’s hidden communities (think “Sister Wives” and “Breaking Amish.”)

Hot Snakes Media produces the series, which follows nine men and women as they try to create new lives from the one they were born into as part of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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As leader Warren Jeffs serves prison time for child sexual assault, his followers continue to obey his rules. Those rules include women being subservient to men and polygamous marriages.

On “Breaking the Faith,” four men, outcasts from the secretive society, help women who want to escape from the compound. They can’t simply walk away, so the men create a detailed escape plan.

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TheWrap has the first look at the series’ super trailer (above), which lays out the risks.

Below, meet the characters, as described by TLC:

Connie, 19, has 2 mothers and 18 siblings. She was born and raised in one of Short Creek’s most prestigious United Order families, and has fond memories of her time in the FLDS. Connie loves children and sewing, and hopes that she can make a career for herself in the outside world doing something she loves.

Martha, 18, has 2 mothers and 24 siblings. She was not a part of the United Order, and has always found herself searching for the answers to some of the FLDS’ biggest mysteries. Martha hopes to attend college for criminal justice and continue her search for the truth.

Angie, 21, has 2 mothers and 19 siblings. Angie is a self-proclaimed tomboy, who loves four-wheeling, hunting, and fishing. When the Prophet took away some of her favorite activities, Angie came to the realization that life ought to be more fun. Angie is a natural when it comes to tending children, and hopes to spend time with little kids out in the Gentile world.

Valarie, 21, has always had only 1 mother and 11 siblings. Valarie and her brother, Jake, do not have multiple mothers because their father did not set a strict enough example for the church. For this reason, the family did not receive additional wives and mothers. Valarie eagerly awaits making her own money and her own choices in the Gentile world.

Linda, 22, has 32 mothers and 306 siblings. Linda is the stepdaughter of Wendell Nielsen, formerly one of the most powerful men in the FLDS, and is a part of the United Order. Linda’s decision to leave was not easy, but she takes comfort in the company of her friends, Angie and Connie.

Ben, 20, has 2 mothers and 26 siblings. Ben was kicked out of the FLDS for fooling around with a girl, and has never looked back. Ben’s sense of humor is his best asset, and he likes to keep his company laughing. He also feels a strong sense of duty and purpose, looking to help other girls leave the FLDS when they feel ready.

Matt, 20, has 9 mothers and 62 siblings. He is a son of Lyle Jeffs, the Bishop of Short Creek, and was formerly a member of God Squad. Matt’s boyish charm and cockiness make him an outgoing, adventurous young man. He strives to join the military and believes it will give him an outlet to use the trainings he gained from his time in the Crick.

Zack, 18, has 9 mothers and 62 siblings. He is Lyle Jeffs’ favorite son, and decided to leave the FLDS to escape his father’s constant pressure on him. Zack has dreams of finishing high school and becoming a doctor. He also wants to reconnect with his mother, who was displaced after associating with Zack when he left the Crick.

Jake, 19, has 1 mother and 11 siblings. He and his sister, Valarie, are not part of the United Order. Jake is always looking out for his family and wants to show them what life is like outside in the Gentile world. His love of fast and loud cars has given him a taste of the fun he missed out on growing up in Short Creek.