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TLC’s ‘Our Little Family’ Twins Learn That ‘Potty Training Doesn’t Happen Overnight’ (Exclusive Video)

Reality series follows the Hamill family, all of whom are diagnosed with a form of dwarfism

Michelle Hamill is committed to potty training her twin girls, Cate and Cece, on Tuesday’s episode of TLC’s new reality series “Our Little Family,” but the task proves difficult and predictably messy.

“Today we’re potty training,” Michelle says in preview of the reality series exclusively obtained by TheWrap. “The girls have their marching orders and now we wait.”

And wait they do. An hour passes and still the toilets are unused.

“This could take years,” Michelle says. “Why don’t we sit down?” But soon she comes up with a plan. Mom produces two juice boxes and makes her three-year-old girls drink to rush things along.

“You feel like you have to go pee pee?” Michelle asks. “No!” one twin screams back.

Produced by Discovery Studios, “Our Little Family” focuses on the Hamills, all five of whom have been diagnosed with a form of dwarfism. Parents Dan and Michelle are extremely proud of their three children, but they realize growing up in an an average-sized world will provide its share of complications.

Nothing comes easy, not even potty training.

But eventually the juice makes its way through Cece but the only problem is she pees in her pants instead of the small plastic training toilet.

“Cece you peed — you were supposed to pee in the potty!” Michelle says. “Why [didn’t you]?”

“I don’t know,” the young girl responds.

“Potty training doesn’t happen overnight and I need a break,” the hardworking mother tells the cameras, while cleaning up soiled diapers. “Maybe we’ll try again another day.”

“Our Little Family” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Watch the video here.