TLC’s ‘Santa Sent Me to the ER’ Special Warns Against Hurrying Down the Chimney (Exclusive Video)

A dad with good intentions but bad ideas learns the hard way it’s not easy being Santa Clause

Amateur Santa Clauses and dark chimneys do not mix on “Santa Sent Me to the ER,” a TLC one-hour holiday special.

In TheWrap’s exclusive preview, a dad with good intentions and bad ideas gets it into his head — with a little urging from an inebriated friend — that he should dress up in a Santa costume and surprise his kids by dropping down the chimney.

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As the ER doc who treated him afterwards attests, the problem turned out to be miscommunication. Santa Dad didn’t tell his wife his plans and she placed a decorative but rather sharp ornament inside the chimney.

The reenactment is hilarious and cringe-worthy and makes it perfectly clear exactly what kind of injury Santa gets sent to the ER with.

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“Santa Sent Me to the ER” airs Saturday 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Watch the video.


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