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'Today' Show Real Estate Expert Tells Caller to 'Get a Gun' and Kill Neighbor (video)

A pair of notable, bizarre segments on NBC's morning show

There were a pair of bizarre moments on NBC's "Today" show on Monday -- both worth noting, and both involving a Barbara.

In the first, Barbara Corcoran, the "Today" real estate expert, suggests a caller "get a gun and kill the guy" when asked what to do about a neighbor's vacant, adjacent house that's fallen into disrepair. Al Roker quickly interjects that Corcoran was "kidding" -- but it sure didn't sound that way when she said it. (UPDATE: It appears NBC pulled the Corcoran clip. Will update if I can find another elsewhere.)

In the other, "Today" show contributor Jenna Bush Hager interviewed her grandparents -- George H. W. and Barbara -- in a segment about the love letters they used to send each other. "Gams," as Jenna calls him, starts to cry when reading one of the letters on air -- to which Barbara quips "you could be Speaker of the House." And in a reference to the wrinkles of Barbara's face, the 41st president calls her "Wrinklestiltskin."

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!