Today’s Moment of Betty: The Lucy Edition

We take a break from BW to remember another comedy giant: Lucille Ball

Our final Moment of Betty this week is actually a Moment of… Lucy.

As much as MoJoe (and the entire world) loves Betty White, Lucille Ball will likely always be remembered as TV’s first lady of comedy. And today, as chance would have it, happens to be the 53rd anniversary of CBS’s final broadcast of "I Love Lucy" on May 6, 1957.

But, establishing a pattern that continues to this day in TV land, CBS really couldn’t bare the thought of no more "Lucy." So, much like "Scrubs: The Next Generation" and "Archie Bunker’s Place," "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" was born as a successor. It featured Ball and Desi Arnaz in one-hour specials that aired every few weeks or so.

Our pals at the Television Academy’s Archive of American Television found this clip of "Lucy" film editor Dann Cahn talking about how "Lucy-Desi" was born– as well as life with Lucy and Desi in general. We particularly like the image of Desi grilling up steaks with a chef’s hat for his Palm Springs guests.

You can find all sorts of TV Goodness at the Archive’s TV Legends website, right here.