Adorable Toddlers Teach Justin Bieber How to Dance (Video)

And then they blow bubbles

Justin Bieber got the most challenging choreography lesson of his life Wednesday on the “Late Late Show With James Corden.”

A crew of extremely talented toddlers taught the pop star, whose album “Changes” just dropped, how to dance to his own 2009 hit song “Baby.”

The pair wore their finest athleisure outfits, complete with sweat-bands and basketball shorts.

“You’re really sweating,” Bieber says to Corden as they’re warming up. “Class hasn’t even started yet.”

“I’m just a little jittery, man. These instructors, they don’t mess around,” Corden says.

“It can’t be that bad, right?” says Bieber.

“Check them out for yourself,” says Corden.

A toddler appears in the corner and gives them a shy wave before asking them if they’re “ready” and busting out her best dance moves.

There was dipping, there was twisting, and there was twirling. Bieber and Corden mirrored the dance moves of each toddler as accurately as they could, even if it meant suddenly dropping to the floor or doing a cartwheel. Bieber kept up pretty well, but Corden got winded a few times and had to take some deep breaths.

After it’s all over, as a cool-down exercise, Bieber, Corden, and one of the toddlers sat on the floor of the studio and blew bubbles.

Watch the cute clip above.